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Established in 2009 under the License of the Egyptian Bar Association (“EBA”), L.B Solutions is an accredited law firm engaging in litigation, business incorporation, and citizenship and immigration services for foreigners.

• In 2011, L.B Solutions’ activities and services expanded to legal and professional assistance on social insurance and client representation before the National Authority for Social Insurance (NOSI), finalizing all relevant government procedures, and settlement of disputes arising therefrom.
• In 2012, L.B Solutions specialized in insurance dispute settlement, including legal activities such as insurance policy review, compensation follow-up, assessment of damage and claims, and collection on behalf of clients. In 2017, L.B Solutions for Insurance Services established as an insurance broker licensed by the Financial Regulatory Authority (“FRA”). “L.B Solutions for Insurance Services” engages in all types of insurance, including life insurance, burglary, fire, medical insurance, sea and air transportation, etc.

Achieving remarkable success and building trust and confidence among clients, L.B Solutions initiated a new phase by establishing L.B Solutions for Project Management (LLC). Under its umbrella, L.B Solutions for Project Management (LLC) included L.B Solutions Law Firm and L.B Solutions for Insurance Services, in addition to many professional companies in Egypt. These companies specialized in outsourcing, accounting, engineering, and contracting consultancy, aiming at supporting clients with project management and technical and professional services.

L.B Solutions looks forward to providing double protection to its clients through:

Providing legal assistance, examining client’s contracts, agreements and transactions, and ensuring that they comply with the provisions of applicable Egyptian laws and regulations; and under management and supervision of L.B Solutions for Project Management, securing many specialized companies in all areas as project requirements, starting pre- or post-incorporation, up to project commission and management.

Our Service


Legal Consultancy

- Providing legal advice and consultancy services to clients, by a trained and qualified team in all branches of law, making LB Solutions Law Firm


Business Incorporation

- Business incorporation in Egypt is governed by Law 159 of 1981 and Law 72 of 2017


Acquisitions and Mergers

- LB Solutions managed to supervise and implement more than a process of merging and acquisition of


Corporate Legal Affairs Management

- LB Solutions is not only pioneering in legal advice, but it also has excellent expertise in legal affairs management. These services include setting up legal departments .


Citizenship and Immigration Services for Foreigners

Providing citizenship and immigration services for foreigners, which granted us the opportunity to act as an


Arbitration and Mediation

Providing mediation services, in particular, collective labor disputes and reaching satisfactory


Litigation Process

Our professional team can handle all types of legal actions of various degrees, .


Social Security

Managing social insurance files for many major institutions. Our services in this area include:


Obtaining Licenses and Permits

Obtaining all types of government licenses and permits for any project of whatsoever activity, such as


Project Management

Accounting, auditing, and taxes

LB Solutions has Professional Partnership Services Agreements with many leading accounting and auditing firms which provide services of organizing client accounts and carry out financial activities including:
- Managing tax files and submitting monthly and annual tax returns;
- Carrying out accounting activities, and preparing annual budgets and financial statements;
- Conducting annual audits;
- Performing internal audits and preparing special reports; and Preparing feasibility studies.

Human Resource Management (Outsourcing)

LB Solutions has a Professional Partnership Services Agreement with a leading outsourcing company in Egypt, ensuring high standard professionalism and quality services, combined with our legal experience, which is greatly reflected on our client. The services provided by LB Solutions in this area are as follows:
- Developing policies and bylaws for clients;
- Conducting complete restructuring of job structure and wage policies;
- Managing recruitment files;
- Managing personnel affairs files; and


LB Solutions for Insurance Services is an accredited financial advisor and insurance broker before of all recognized insurers in Egypt. We are not specialized in obtaining documents only, but also provide follow-up services and appoint our qualified legal team to manage compensation files with insurers.
The insurance services we provide include, but not limited to, the following services:
- Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL): including vehicle burglary
and damage
in addition to coverage services for third party liability, whether individuals or properties.

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